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Edu Hurtado curator interviewes Maite (La Taller)

Edu Hurtado
Edu Hurtado entrevista a Maite de La Taller

La Taller is a space specifically dedicated to graphics, understood in an open manner, including its hybridisations with other artistic drifts, which combines the industrial nature of an engraving workshop with that of an art gallery. A place for the creation and investigation of plastic arts, and an area for exhibitions, meetings and communication.

The director, Maite Martinez de Arenaza, is also an artist and has spent a large part of her career advising other professionals in the publishing area. The approach behind Maite’s efforts is linked to a feminist stance, as regards the discourse and also the methodology of work. Care of the materials, the processes, the people, is the driving force, the foundation and cohesive basis behind a space, LA TALLER, which is already part of the Bilbao arts scene and the dynamics of the Solokoetxe district.