EXHIBITION: The Goyas of Zubieta – Portraits of the Adán de Yarza Family

Francisco de Goya
The Goyas of Zubieta - Portraits of the Adán de Yarza Family
Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is showcasing the three portraits of the Adán de Yarza family painted by Francisco de Goya in the late 1780s which are being presented to the public and the scholarly community for the first time after being studied and restored. They will remain on display until September. The paintings, which until now were only known through scholarly bibliographic references, the press and period photographs, are being shown for the first time along with the original crate in which they were transported to France in 1937 since they were evacuated by the Basque government during the Spanish Civil War thanks to the generosity of the family that owns them.

The technical study and restoration carried out by the museum's restorer José Luis Merino Gorospe show the outstanding state of conservation of all three works; particularly noteworthy is the fact that they are conserved on their original canvases and nailed to their original stretchers dating from the 18th century. The renowned international experts on Goya's oeuvre, Juliet Wilson-Bareau and Xavier Bray, have conducted the historical-artistic study of the paintings, highlighting their originality within Goya's early portraits. The conclusions of the rigorous study and restoration are compiled in the digital publication entitled The Goyas of Zubieta. Portrait of the Adán de Yarza Family, which also includes a biographical article on the sitters by historians Susana Serrano and Mikel Urizar and an article on the vicissitudes of the works during the Spanish Civil War written by the expert Francisco Javier Muñoz.
Opening: 26/04/2019
From: 26/04/2019
Until: 15/09/2019
Schedule: 10:00 - 20:00h
Location: Museo Plaza 2, 48009 Bilbao


26/04/2019 - 15/09/2019


10:00 - 20:00


Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Museo Plaza, 2, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia

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