INSTALLATION: Paisajes lúdicos. Jugar en blanco. Leticia Paschetta

Leticia Paschetta
Paisajes lúdicos. Jugar en blanco
Azkuna Zentroa
Paisajes Lúdicos, Jugar en blanco, explores the boundaries between art, design and play creating experiences across spaces and challenging our perceptions to last as beautiful memories.

White is a space of transitions and transformations, which merges figure and background, where the installation goes beyond the material fact, and the artistic sense emerges from the changing and indeterminate movement that unfolds inside, transforming into infinite landscapes, worlds of possibilities, sensations and stimuli of freedom.

What does the colour white transmit us? Clouds, snow, sea foam, the softness of the sheets…. White is the sum of all colours, one of the most powerful lights and at the same time, a support, a blank sheet of creativity, the one that scares us most in its emptiness, but on which everything can emerge.

Leticia Paschetta. Architect, Master in Design (UNAV), university professor, founder of the Paschetta + Cavallero Arquitectos studio and creator of Paisajes Lúdico brand, from where it merges art, design and structural innovation, developing industrial models and invention patents. Her works have been distinguished and published by international media. Recently she was selected by the HUB to carry out the International Pavilion of the Barcelona during the DesignWeek 2019.

Artistic Sheet:
Idea and development: Leticia Paschetta
Structural and constructive development: José Cavallero
Conceptualization, design and communication: Soledad Grossi
Collaborators: Agustina Rodrigo, Carolina Valinotti and Dolores Buteler
Construction and assembly coordination: Natascha Gergoff Bengoa and Guillermo Weiskal
Opening: 17/07/2020
From: 17/07/2020
Until: 31/12/2020
Schedule: From 10am to 8pm
Location: Arriquíbar Plaza, 4


17/07/2020 - 31/12/2020


10:00 - 20:00


Azkuna Zentroa
Arriquíbar Plaza, 4, 48010 Bilbo, Bizkaia
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