Eremuak Sessions 2019: ‘Naturaleza/s’

Eremuak 2019: 'Naturaleza/s'
Azkuna zentroa

Eremuak – Open programme for context production in contemporary art for which Azkuna Zentroa – Alhóndiga Bilbao is organising a new edition of the annual sessions seeking debate and reflection regarding relevant matters of contemporary art both in the Basque Country and a wider scope.

In this context, the Eremuak 2019 Sessions try to make known certain sensibilities, attitudes and manifestations which despite coming from very different points of views and materialising in multiple forms have a more or less obvious common relationship with various aspects traditionally referred to as nature.

The organisation pointed out that: “Nevertheless, being aware of the problems of said concept and in an attempt not to reduce the thematic hub chosen regarding certain simplifying attitudes of the complexity inherent in relationships between human and non-human, living and inert, artificial and the supposedly natural, we consider it pertinent to contribute to the nuance of plurality (the ‘k’ of naturak, or the ‘s’ of natures), which will enable us to pay attention to a diversity more in line with reality of the world of art and all those natures it generates or faces.”


17 October, Thursday
5:00pm: Presentation
5:15pm: Sergio Prego
5:45pm: Latitudes (Max Andrews and Mariana Cánepa Luna)
6:15pm: Break
6:30pm: Natalia Valencia Arango
7:00pm: Questions
7:30pm: Presentation: eremuak#6 magazine + Cuaderno de artista (Iratxe Jaio)

18 October, Friday
11:00am: Fernando García-Dory
11:30am: Azala (Idoia Zabaleta)
12:00pm: Cerezales Antonino Foundation and Cinia (Alfredo Puente)
12:30pm: Questions
1:00pm: Yael Messer
5:00pm: Julia Spínola
5:30pm: Jon Otamendi
6:00pm: Break
6:30pm: Borbála Soós
7:00pm: Questions
7:30pm: Bik Van Der Pol

19 October, Saturday
11:00am: Ana Laura Aláez
11:45am: María Ptqk
12:45pm: Concert: Hidrogenesse (en Cines Golem)

Dates: From 17/10/2019 to 19/10/2019
Timetable: 11:00am - 07:30pm


17/10/2019 - 19/10/2019


17:00 - 19:30


Azkuna Zentroa
Arriquíbar Plaza, 4, 48010 Bilbo, Bizkaia
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