PROJECT: La prospección de Kairós. Iván Gómez

Azkuna Zentroa
"La prospección de Kairós", a project that the artist Iván Gómez has been working on since June 2019, will be inaugurated on 19 November in the BAT space at Lantegia, Laboratory of Ideas. This is a methodological research device divided into different phases of work referred to as Chapters which seeks to recontextualise the notion of "between" as the creation of a certain "space of knowledge".

The process began with an Introduction where the concept of "Denkraum" was presented, starting with the practices of other artists, emphasising its meaning as a "space for thought".

Then, in Chapter 0, a working group was formed and the active rehearsal began, based on a series of exercises with which to delve deeper into the "Denkraum" from the artistic practice.

After this, Chapter 1 goes on to offer an exhibition representing what has been learned in the previous months. In Chapter 2, the exhibition is inhabited by a few days of lectures in order to diffract the question of the "between" and read it from their perspectives.

The participants in these sessions included artists and investigators such as Juan Llano Borbolla, Aurora Fernández Polanco, Iván Flores, Oriol Fontdevila, Emma Ingala and Bulegoa z/b, among others.

The project concludes with Chapter 3, which consists of a new exhibition created from the deconstruction of the previous chapters.

Iván Gómez (Irun, 1984) earned a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts (UB) and continued his training at the Escuela de Cine de San Antonio de Los Baños (Cuba) (International School of Film and Television (EICTV) of San Antonio de los Baños). He completed a Master's Degree in Research and Creativity in Art at the University of the Basque Country, where he continues his work as a researcher. His pieces have been exhibited in BilbaoArte (Bilbao), MAMM (Modern Art Museum) Museum (Medellin), Pärnu International Film and Video Festival (Tallinn), Espai Cultural Caja Madrid (Barcelona), Vostell Malpartida Museum (Caceres), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), and other cities such as Berlin, Brussels or New York. He has won several awards and some of his pieces are included in private collections, such as Pi-Fernandino or Fundación BilbaoArte (BilbaoArte Foundation). As a mediator he has imparted several workshops and seminars, and is promoting a mediation programme in the Sala Rekalde in Bilbao.

Working group: Karen Rivas, Andrea Álvarez, Iván Ureta, Lucía Pedregal, Nieves Barrenetxea, Bernarda B. Garmendia
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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19/11/2020 - 21/02/2021


16:00 - 20:00


Azkuna Zentroa
Arriquíbar Plaza, 4, 48010 Bilbo, Bizkaia
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