Alameda de Mazarredo 23
Gregorio Ibarreche

At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, the bourgeoisie wished to manifest their economic power through the construction of palaces that clearly demonstrated their privileged position. Situated on Alameda de Mazarredo, this palace was designed in 1900 by the architect Gregorio Ibarreche (the first Nationalist Mayor of Bilbao) as the residence of the Sota family. It subsequently served as the Military Government Building of Biscay.

The palace was painstakingly restored by the architect Francisco Javier de Arístegui (1987-1988) and is today home to the headquarters of Athletic Club Bilbao.

The design encompasses numerous features of popular architecture, including a stonework frieze, a portico crowned with segmental arches, exposed brickwork, wide overhanding eaves and double cantilevers. The building is comprised of a semi-basement, ground floor with stair access and two additional storeys. It stands out for its elegant proportions, the combination of materials used and its ornate features both inside and out.