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Azar Othman, artist from Kurdistan, is interviewed by Ixone Sádaba

Ixone Sádaba
Ixone Sádaba entrevista a Azar Othman, artista de Kurdistán

The artists Ixone Sádaba, co-founder of the project MovingArtist, interviews Azar Othman, an Iraqi artist from Kurdistan during her visit to Bilbao. Azar Othman was one of the first to benefit from the first artistic exchange programme between Bizkaia and Kurdistan.

MovingArtists is a nonprofit organisation based in Bilbao, supporting artistic practice in those areas where it is under threat. Whether it due to Government censure, war or a situation of social, political or economic crisis, it is true to say that, in many countries, the artists’ work is in danger. And without active artistic practice, there is no critical thought or cultural legacy.

Since 2017, MovingArtists has been formed of stable local collaboration networks in the art scene in places such as Iraqi Kurdistan, Palestine and Afghanistan, thanks to the support of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Bilbao Ekintza, Bilbao Arte and Eremuak.