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Summary of the art intervention by Ms Polaroiska for Bilbao Art District in May 2017, the result of a workshop carried out jointly with students from the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of the Basque Country/UPV-EHU.

Routes, affections and places.

  1. Blind dates where two people meet, whether they know each other or not, but a walk around the city together is proposed.
  2. Each chooses a special place in the city and takes the other person to discover it. Both places are photographed.
  3. A publication was made from the result, in which the images, anecdotes and experiences in relation to these spaces, and the routes taken during the walk were all collected.
  4. From the acetate of each route, postcards were printed that were distributed to members of the public in order for them to share their affections and places with the person they desired, sending them by post.


The artist group comprised of Alaitz Arenzana and María Ibarretxe, recently awarded the Gure Artea prize, work in the audiovisual and drama fields. They propose work processes where they share references to theatre, stage, photographs and literature, along with their political and ideological concerns.

Their work revolves around experimental cinema, performance art, theatrical creation and choreography. They have been awarded prizes such as the Injuve Prize, Best MECAL Soundtrack, Merlo Argentina Best Photograph, and the first Ertibil Prize, amongst others, and their stage and audiovisual pieces have been shown in numerous Art Centres and International Festivals: Artium Museum, Reina Sofía Museum, Guggenheim Museum and the Cervantes Institute of Stockholm, among others.

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