Tall Tree and The Eye

Tall Tree and The Eye

Museo Guggenheim
Anish Kapoor

The stunning piece “Tall Tree & the Eye” (2009) is positioned in front of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, at the North Pond, adjoining the Nervion River. It consists of close to eighty stainless steel spheres, reflecting and multiplying its surroundings to produce fractal reflections. Each sphere not only reflects those adjacent to it, but also merges with the landscape, endlessly reflecting the Museum’s silhouette and the surrounding architecture.

The angle of the images changes as the observer’s gaze travels up the sculpture. The artist thus expresses the fleeting nature of how things appear, and through a complex use of light and shadow, of volume and space, makes us think about the instability of the visible world, bringing clouds and sky down to earth.